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Frequently Asked Question is an embroidery design selling website, any buddy can free and paid design download here and sell design here.

Designers are selling design here and get free credit point and use this free credit point to buy any design. if a design is sold online so seller(designer) get 70% commission to your bank.

If you need more informations please go to contact_us page.

If you want to download free design so first a fall you have to do register as a seller. please follow below steps for the register.

1. If you do not create an account in our site .so please click here and go to register simple proses of compulsory all users.Register

If you Already register as a user successfully so you can now register as a seller. please follow the below steps, and register.

2. please go to My Account > Seller Dashboard in this page you can see one form of seller rester page, fill this form, and click submit this form.

Please wait 24 to 48 hours for Approval, our support team contact to you. because we need sum documents for about send payment to you.

After all approve possess successfully you will received Approve success email.

After Approved seller you can upload design please fallow sum steps to billow. please before upload ready sum EMB file with stitch and color and Aria Details. and please ready sum images (.jpg formats) of this emb file.

  1. Go to My Account > Seller Dashboard > Add New Design
  2. Please edit Design title any thing of your choice
  3. Please edit Design Stitch
  4. Please edit Design Thread Color
  5. Please edit Select Design Category
  6. Please edit Select Design Sub-Category
  7. Please edit Select Machine Area
  8. Please edit Design Price
  9. Please edit Design Description about sum thing of design minimum 10 word
  10. Please upload Image of design pleas click Choose File If add more image please click "Add More Design Image" button
  11. Please select Design EMB file pleas click Choose File If add more EMB file please click "Add More EMB file" button
  12. And then click Submit button

After submit your design in Approval Process And After Approve design will show all and you will get free credit in your account

If you need more informations please go to contact_us page.

Free credit points can use only for sellers. free credit point is received you after a design is approved by our team.

After the approval, you can see your free credits on top of the website.

And you can use this point to checkout payment time. you can see three payment option on the checkout page, and you can see on the checkout page free credit point payment option.

Please Note:- free credit point require login

If you have free credits points balance sufficient of the amount of total cart, so you can download just a click on "Pay with seller free credit point" payment button and can download your design on download page.

If you need more informations please go to contact_us page.