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Single head dress, long dress, neck in dress and Kurta

Price :- 200

Design Id :-


Download File Type
.EMB and .DST
Design Category :-
Kurti And Dress Embroidery Design
Design Support Machine Type :-
multi design

Design Height :-


Design Width :-


Machine Aria :-

400MM. Single Head(800mm)

Thread Color :-

5 Needle

Kurti and dress Embroidery design

Kurti and dress Embroidery design, Dress single head (one head stop and one head run in 400 area embroidery machine ) design.

How you can buy this Embroidery Design

How you can buy design? here is our some step to buy design with cheep prices. so if you want to know abut buy design process so you should follow this step

here is two main process to buy, we provide tow main process to buy buy Embroidery design

  1. Add to cart and checkout with card and net banking
  2. Buy With Package offer

1. Add to cart

If you want to buy and design instantly and you not need more design frequently so you can buy design with simple process See Design And if you like so you can press Add To Cart button, after added all design in to cart you can see cart logo on header and view cart link on top of the images Then Press Go to Cart and you can see Checkout button on cart press Checkout Button and if you not Login so you can see login or Register page, Create Account and then you can see payment options so, Pay with ATM Dapit Card, UPI, Net-banking and more other wallet option, Choose your selected option and pay, After submit payment success fully, you will be redirect automatically our website MyAccount > My Download Page. And you can download all your purchased design in here.

  1. Press Add to Cart Button
  2. Go to cart page
  3. Press checkout button
  4. Login or register
  5. Select you payment options
  6. Submit success fully payment, Please don't refresh and press back button on and don't close PAyment page
  7. You will Redirect Automatically My Account > My Download Page
  8. You Can Download All your parched Embroidery Designs in My Download Page

2.Buy with Package Offer

if you want buy Bulk Design and buyRegularly so we provide you some package for Monthly and yearly Download limit

if you want see download package Offers Click Here

After Buy Package you can Follow Same step 1 to 4

All Download design you can see my Download page